Movie Review: A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding 👰🏼🤴🏼💍

Don’t be fooled by the title of A Christmas Prince’s sequel because this movie is something else.

Rose McIver (left) and Ben Lamb (right) respectively reprise their roles as Amber Moore and King Richard in A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. CREDIT: Netflix

This post for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding contains spoilers.

As the title of the sequel suggests, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (2018, directed by John Schultz) takes place a year after the journalist turned blogger Amber Moore (Rose McIver) fell in love with King Richard (Ben Lamb) of Aldovia. As they prep for their royal wedding, the Queen-to-be Amber finds herself struggling with losing her own identity and voice to the crown.

The Royal Wedding is more than just the marriage between Amber and King Richard. In fact, the wedding ceremony only takes up the last 10 minutes of this Netflix movie. The main plot in this sequel actually focuses on the struggles of King Richard’s duty in managing the finances of Aldovia and ensuring the happiness of the people.

And of course, Amber’s journalistic instinct is still showcased here, as she took it upon herself to conduct some “investigative work” regarding the poor financial situation of the country.

Nothing much about the main and supporting characters has changed since the first movie; all that is different now is that some characters get more screen time in this sequel.

The silliness from the first movie also remains in The Royal Wedding, as there are two particularly ridiculous bits that are noteworthy. There is one scene at a bar where Amber is interviewing someone and she literally writes down the word “Fishy” on her reporter’s notebook. Another scene shows Amber wearing glittered sneakers as she walked down the aisle of her own royal wedding. First things first, no reporter would ever write down just one word without any further context as to what the word meant. Additionally, sneakers at a normal wedding might be acceptable… but a royal wedding? 🤔🤭

I definitely preferred the first movie over the sequel, as the latter felt kind of all over the place at times. It felt like The Royal Wedding was trying to include as many characters as possible into its script, and that can be overwhelming for a movie that is actually supposed to be mainly about the King and Queen. Furthermore, certain subplots of this movie were just not necessary for the overall story progression.

The movie ended on a nice note, but I do think that Netflix can make a third movie out of this as part of their yearly holiday releases. I can definitely foresee another sequel being about a royal baby.

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Rating: 3/5

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