TV Review: Dead to Me Season 1 🥂🦜

Dead to Me never ceases to stun audiences by replacing predictable moments with unexpected twists.


Linda Cardellini (left) and Christina Applegate (right) respectively star as Judy Hale and Jennifer “Jen” Harding in Dead to Me. CREDIT: Netflix

This post for Dead To Me Season 1 is spoiler-free.

Let me tell you that Dead to Me Season 1 (2019, created by Liz Feldman) is no fun to watch if you are already spoiled. The series follows Jennifer “Jen” Harding (Christina Applegate) who is grieving over her husband’s death after he was killed in a hit and run; she befriends a weird and eccentric lady named Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini) at a grief group, and they soon become besties.

Dead to Me is refreshing to watch, and this dark humoured dramedy is certainly one of the most bingeable television series on Netflix right now (I’m shading you Chambers and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina). There are a lot of moments in the show where you would think, “oh this is totally going to happen”, but you will quickly learn that things often take a different turn from what one would expect, thus making the show entirely unpredictable.

Applellini is the ship name of the magnificent on-screen duo that leads the show. Applegate and Cardellini are definitely not new to the small screen and are considered veterans of the industry, so it’s no surprise that the chemistry between the two is off the charts.

Applegate’s Jen makes grief feel so real that you can really feel the character’s loss. She is also angsty, angry, and at times bitchy, but these characteristics are what makes Jen whole. Cardellini’s Judy is the complete opposite of Jen. She’s fun, offbeat, and gives off an optimistic vibe about life. The two actresses complement one another nicely and give audiences their money’s worth.

James Marsden is also in this, and he plays a filthy rich charming douchebag named Steve Wood. Marsden may be in his mid-40s in real life and on-screen, but he is certainly ageing like fine wine 🍷. He appears quite a bit in the show and is a very interesting character to explore, but ultimately Marsden isn’t given much material to work on and you’ll find out why by the end of Season 1.

Dead to Me certainly has the potential to continue for another season, and I’m really hoping that they do get a renewal. But what I hate is that, because Netflix doesn’t usually give two-season orders to shows immediately (with the exception of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), so it’s a shame that Dead to Me is one of those many Netflix originals that need to play the waiting game before knowing if they are ready to go for a Season 2. What also sucks is that most great shows like this one, most frequently, end with a cliffhanger. So when they don’t get a renewal, it’s probably the end of their run as Netflix has ridiculous policies about handing over the rights of their productions to other networks.

Rating: 4/5


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