Movie Review: Student of the Year 2 ðŸ¤¼â€â™‚️🏟️

This second movie for the Student of the Year franchise is so bad that you will end up laughing at how stupid it actually is.


From left to right: Tara Sutaria stars as Mirdula “Mia”, Tiger Shroff stars as Rohan Sachdev, and Ananya Panday stars as Shreya Randhawa in Student of the Year 2. CREDIT: Dharma Productions

This post for Student of the Year 2 is spoiler-free.

Student of the Year 2 (SOTY2) (2019, directed by Punit Malhotra) seems to strive to be more of an action film rather than focusing its movie plot entirely on the students.

Its premise is similar to the first movie, but the concept has changed quite a bit. It used to be that “Student of the Year” was an internal competition between the students of Saint Teresa’s College, but now the intense sports competition has extended to all the colleges in India.

With a runtime of two-and-a-half-hours, SOTY2 could have cut out lots of unnecessary scenes. The overall editing and directing of the movie were sloppily executed, and the writing of the movie was very messy. Instead of trying to create a really disappointing love triangle between Rohan (Tiger Shroff), Shreya (Ananya Panday), and Mia (Tara Sutaria), the movie could have focused on the students’ lives in their respective colleges. I think the characters were pretty basic. Villain, bitchy, and being fake are just some of the characteristics that a “teen” movie needs and it’s certainly enough to create some drama in the story.

For me, the highlight of SOTY2 is watching Shroff perform strenuous activities without a shirt (or even with a tank top) because his hypermasculine body is such a sight for sore eyes. And one of the funniest insults I’ve ever heard is the word “shuttlecock” being used in this movie by Shreya.

If comparing this sequel to SOTY I think the latter is better as it featured a more cohesive and well-executed storyline with characters that were fully fleshed out. And it was also easier to emotionally engage with the characters in the first movie.

Rating: 2/5

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